Dumb meter

Altro che contatore intelligente: ecco cosa sta succedendo in Inghilterra e da noi è molto peggio,sia per la luce che per il gas.

Alcuni passaggi dell’articolo del Telegraph.

The roll-out of smart meters has cost customers around £11 billion and yet the projected savings are questioned, and as many as one-in-10 meters currently operate in dumb mode, meaning they don’t send readings to suppliers or display data.

Talking about his own “smart” display, Mike O’Brien, a former minister for energy, this week told the Daily Telegraph that he “barely looked at it, didn’t use it and in the end got rid of it”.

It’s a classic regulatory story. The smart meter roll-out found inspiration in one of those meddling EU directives back in 2006, but it would be unfair to blame Europe in isolation. It was British politicians – Left and Right, competing for the green vote – who decided to gold-plate the directive and who bungled its implementation, handing it over to the UK’s patchwork of suppliers and proceeding customer by customer. The idea that consumers could see precisely what they were spending and thus cut down was sound in theory, but the IT had to be perfect (it wasn’t) and the roll-out needed proper political scrutiny (which it didn’t get). Here was the green agenda running out of control, dealing itself a blow of bad publicity.