The Italian way: a damn pole

A single pole, of a power line 140 km long, has been seized by the judiciary.

It was seized because it ended in a protected area which, in the years, expanded so much to hug it.

The construction of the power line cost was of 700 million EUR and it will be charged to the consumer bills, but the line cannot work without that damn pole.

Not having the possibility to utilize that power line, we have to pay 700 million EUR every year because the line was built to transmit cheaper energy to Sicily.

The transmission of a cheaper energy to Sicily would reduce the bills of all consumers, since the price of electricity in Sicily is 30% more expensive than the national average and the bills of all are affected.

The bureaucratic process of the construction of the line started in 2003, with such environmental constraints that over time have changed and the damn pole came under fire of the environmentalists who have obtained the seizure “sine die” .

It called for an immediate appeal to the Supreme Court in order to obtain the restitution of the pole hoping that once freed by the judiciary, it will not shot down by those who do not want the energy coming to Sicily.